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Since the launch of the Partnership for Prescription Assistance in April 2005, millions of Americans have found Programs that can help pay for their medicines.  Thousands more find help every single day.

If you don’t have Prescription Coverage and cannot afford your medicines, call:

1.888.4PPA-NOW(1.888.4771.669) or go to:


The Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul conducts an evangelization ministry with Cathedral Ambassadors. This enthusiastic group of trained Ambassadors staffs the Basilica every day of the week and is comprised of volunteer parishioners from all over the Archdiocese. They answer questions, offer assistance and give tours. Cathedral Ambassadors provide a personal presence in the Basilica, they put a face on the Church. Cathedral Ambassadors are assigned 4 hour shifts. The schedule is flexible – one day or more a month. They are provided training and materials to support their evangelization ministry.

For more information and to become a Cathedral Ambassador, please contact Louise Pascale, the coordinator of the Cathedral Ambassadors, at
Learn more about our Cathedral Basilica at The mailing address: 1723 Race Street; Philadelphia 19103.

Vocation Office for Diocesan Priesthood

Generous hearts change the world. Be generous to Jesus and consider the priesthood –

The Calix Society

Are you currently in a 12-step program? Would you like to be able to freely discuss how your Catholic faith, Christ, and His Sacraments nourish your recovery? If so, the Calix Society is for you! This group serves to enhance (not replace) 12-step groups with an emphasis upon our journey in Christ.
You can find our national website at and local meeting information at You may also contact Ken at 215-327-3236 or Amy at 610-405-7747.

Do you know your Tribunal

The Tribunal is a group of specially qualified priests, sisters, and lay persons whose responsibility is to come to the help of people who have experienced divorce.

When a divorce occurs, the Catholic Church always seeks to balance two realities:

One is the unbreakableness of the bond of marriage. This is God’s law. It cannot be broken by human intervention. On the other hand, the Church is concerned about the spiritual welfare of the people involved. Was this a true marriage? Even though a Catholic marriage was celebrated, was there perhaps some weakness in the consent of the parties involved? The annulment procedure addresses this problem without affixing blame on either party.

If you are divorced or married outside the Catholic Church, please telephone the Tribunal Office. Have no fear.
All interviews are private and confidential.

Write or call: The Tribunal; 222 N. 17th Street; Philadelphia PA 19103 – 215.587.3750.


A calendar of social and spiritual events for Catholics in their 20’s and 30’s within  the Philadelphia Archdiocese is available at this website:


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