Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, January 30-31, 2021

4:00 pm C. Faust;

7:30 am & 10:00 am C. Faust

Entrance – Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven

Responsorial Psalm – R&A 36

Gospel Acclamation – R&A 37

Presentation and Preparation of the Gifts – Dwelling Place (Foley)

Communion – Rejoice in the Promise of Jesus (Crandal)

Praise Refrain – O Lord I am not Worthy (vs 1 & 4)

Sending Forth – Beautiful Savior

Other – How Firm a Foundation; 10,000 Reasons; Save Us O Lord; Blest Be the Lord; Age to Age; O Word of God; Eat This Bread; Hallelujah is Our Song