25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, September 18-19,2021

4:00 pm C. Faust

7:30 am C. Faust/J. Strefeler

10:00 am K Katrinak/ F. Katrinak

Readings:  GP 926

Entrance:   GP 734 We Gather Together

Responsorial Psalm:  R&A 136

Gospel Acclamation:  R&A 137

Presentation and Preparation of the Gifts:  GP 537  The Servant Song

Communion:  GP  487 Gift of Finest Wheat 

Praise Refrain:  GP  511 (refrain 2x)  Taste and See

Sending Forth:  GP 731 Praise the Lord Ye Heavens


Other:  677 Make Our Lives a Prayer of Peace; 529 The Summons; 641 Because the Lord is My Shepherd; 679 Prayer of St. Francis; 660 In Perfect Charity; Tell the Good News; Ubi Caritas