Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion, April 5, 2020


#s are from the Glory&Praise hymnals unless otherwise specified

Hosanna to the Son of David

Entrance – #284 All Glory, Laud and Honor C3 268
Mass of Renewal 92
Responsorial Psalm: My God, my God, why have you abandoned me.
Alleluia: R&A pg 57
Intercessory Prayer – Hear the Prayers That Rise
Preparation of the Altar and the Gifts – #363 Jesus, the Lord 
Holy, Holy, Holy 96
The Mystery of Faith 99 
Amen 100
Lamb of God 101
Communion –  #275 Jesus, Remember Me
Prayer of Spiritual Communion
Recessional – #300 Were You These C3 276

other:   599 The Jesus Song; 368 The King of Glory; 434 Keep in Mind; 552 Take Up Your Cross; C3 275 Jesus, Remember Me;